Into The Wild Essay Writing on the Popular Book

No matter the form of writing you are tasked with, presenting a strong introduction is vital for setting the tone for your readers. From articles to blogs to college papers and even high school essays, the introduction can be the major difference between a good write-up and an average one. Strong introductions pique a reader's interest and draw their attention to every part of your writing.

In history, various people worldwide have developed different principles, ethics, and ideologies that bring them happiness and peace throughout their lives. These principles can come from various ideas and are unique to the individual.

The “book Into the Wild” by John cracker explains the main character who possessed many radical ideas that brought him happiness throughout the story. One of those ideas involved escaping society by going into the wild.

Writing an essay about into the wild entails a sound understanding of the story's themes and a good writing format. 

In this article, we guide you through the process of writing your essay on the popular book.

What Should An Into The Wild Essay Look Like?

An essay on the book should describe the details of Christopher McCandless, a young man who agrees to relinquish his past life. He achieves this by cutting himself off from friends, family, and the responsibilities and values expected of him. After graduating from a prestigious college, he gives up his real name and takes a new one, Alexander Supertramp. 

You will also focus on his journey to the West and the Alaskan wilderness, where he sought solitude and escaped societal pressures. He goes by foot, hitchhiking vehicles and even taking a canoe during the journey.

During some time in his journey, he applies for a job in California but later returns to his objective to find his form of happiness. You will also explain his trials where he lived in the wilderness alone, hunting and foraging. His death by starvation at the end was a surprising twist, and you would have to explain in detail all the events that led or contributed to his final moments.

However, your essay on this book might take different forms like an into the wild argument essay, explanatory, or analytic format.

Writing an “Into The Wild” Argumentative Essay

In writing an argumentative essay on into the wild, you would have to outline Chris's many adventures. You will challenge or support the idea that true happiness may be found through isolation and nature by using writing strategies such as conflict and characterization.

The Alaskan Bush is one of the hardest places to survive without supplies or skills. You can explain how the protagonist ultimately perished due to a lack of preparation and naivety. From the story, you can argue that the protagonist was an intelligent young man who made a few mistakes but was not undisciplined or thoughtless; he was like most men.

Although he may have suffered from hubris, he was entirely a victim of circumstance. It was merely his massive motivation to discover and explore that brought about his early demise.

Writing an Into The Wild Analysis Essay

An into the wild analysis essay will focus more on examining the protagonist's choices and giving reasons why he made some of the decisions in the story. You could take it on as an into the wild essay assignment and analyze your findings after reading through an essay.

For instance, although Christopher McCandless, the protagonist, was an Ivy League university graduate, he met his vet during his trip to the Alaskan Bush. with further reading, you can explain in your essay how his parents Billy and what never really understood his true intentions and probably pushed him to his decision.

Into The Wild Essay Topics

Some good into the wild essay topics you can use include:

  • Into the Wild About Materialism 
  • Into the Wild About Freedom
  • Into the Wild About Society 
  • The Rhetorical Analysis of Into the Wild
  • The Role of Selfishness In Christopher McCandless's Decisions

Using these topics, you could search for some into the wild essay examples and get interesting ideas on how to go about your essay.

Into the Wild covers the story of a man who decided to test his abilities in the harsh conditions of Alaska. Writing on his story will help examine topics like personal struggles in the system of beliefs, interpersonal relationships, and psychological maturity.

It would be best to read the book extensively before starting your essay, and with some of these guidelines, you can produce a telling insight into Christopher's journey. 

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