Education in Times of Pandemic Essay Writing Tips

Covid 19 impacted the world in several ways, one of which was education, and it still does to date. Upon the fast-tracked creation of vaccines, we adapted more to the pandemic lifestyle, and unlike before, we can go about most of the responsibilities of our daily lives.

Writing an essay on the experience involves taking an in-depth look into how the virus affected the educational sectors around the globe and the various methods used to continue the learning process.

This article will tell you what's involved in writing this essay type and some tips to help you.

Covid-19 and Education Essay

Before getting into the pandemic essay writing bit, you should remember the not so humble beginnings of the pandemic and how it instantly affected the educational system.

By the end of February 2020, it was evident that the growing spread of the virus was not contained after all. The World Bank created a multi-sectoral global task force to assist country response and coping measures. At that time, many schools had already experienced the danger of the pandemic firsthand, and only a handful of them remained open under close supervision.

After barely two weeks, over 120 countries enforced school closures to ensure social distancing, and this affected up to a billion students worldwide. Understanding this widespread impact will help you write your essay.

For context, if you were to write an education amidst pandemic essay, you would need to categorically explain the alternative learning methods adopted by various countries at the heat of the pandemic. The body of your write-up should contain homeschooling methods, virtual learning, zoom classes, and any other method employed to help students worldwide trapped in their homes.

Covid-19 Essay Topics for Students

As a student directly affected by the pandemic or a regular adult, you should draw from your experiences to construct an essay on the pandemic and its impacts on learning. It would also be helpful to understand what's happening in global healthcare and how measures have been taken to reduce the spread of the virus.

These ideas for Covid-19 essays can foster communication and help the younger generation process their difficult experiences while developing their writing skills.

Here are some perfect topics for education in times of pandemic essay or an essay on how students coped with learning during the pandemic:

  • The Role of Students in Fighting Covid-19
  • How to Cope as a Student During the Pandemic 
  • The Change Covid-19 Pioneered in the Educational Sector
  • How Digital Technologies Championed Learning During the Pandemic
  • The Outbreak of Covid-19 and its Impact on Student's Mental Health

Impact of Corona on Education

As we have experienced from prior health emergencies, the effect on education is likely to be more devastating in countries with already reduced learning outcomes and high dropout rates.

Although school closures seem to present an objective solution to enforcing social distancing within different countries, prolonged closures tend to impact vulnerable students negatively.

They typically have fewer opportunities for at-home learning, and their time out of school may present financial and emotional burdens for parents. Parents can face challenges with continuous childcare or even adequate food in the absence of traditional school meals.

Covid-19 also significantly affected students applying to colleges, and various high schools went virtual with extracurricular activities having to be canceled.

However, other students might have had the opposite experience, even though they might have undergone a few negative events during the pandemic. Some learned something new, began a new project, or received a new mindset that changed their future major or career choice. 

If you fit into either of these categories as a student, writing what I learned in the lockdown period essay might be a good idea.

Tips to Writing a Life in Pandemic Essay

Here are some tips for writing an essay on Covid-19 and education:

  • Start from the beginning of the pandemic to your most unique or challenging educational experience of the situation. 
  • Don't bother whether your experience with the pandemic is less severe than other people's. Everyone is different.
  • Write about the steps you took to foster personal growth and education, especially if you were largely affected by COVID-19. For example, whether you spent more time reading or started a new craft.
  • Take enough time to plan what you want to say. Crafting an outline before writing can help you organize your thoughts better.

With all these guidelines and using ideas from your personal pandemic experience, you should be able to come up with a great pandemic essay.

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