Gender Roles in Marriage: Sample Essay

Gender roles in marriage essay are representatives of various forms of behavior for both men and women. The existence of diverse characters in different cultures proves that several factors shape roles. Several Communities and countries have got their Vision of the responsibilities and functions of each partner in a marriage. Therefore, they are not unified like a woman or a man, but they are husband or wife or mother or father.

Even though there are several changes in the Society of America, there are traditional roles that prevail. Men are still considered the breadwinners of families even if both are employed or on money. Most Americans believe that the house chores should be split and shared between partners, but most men want their wives to clean and cook in the house.

Small essay on gender roles in marriage and traditional gender roles

It implies some patterns of marital cohabitation and relationships that involve a man is considered the head of the home or family. He is also the breadwinner but feeds their wives or children while the woman is responsible for taking care of the child, buying and cooking food, and running the family budget. For a long time, traditional gender roles are still prevalent and have been widely accepted in society. One major drawback of such a system is the women's inability to discover the potential or use unique talents that are unrelated to the issues of the family. The same also was a factor in gender discrimination, mostly when applying for jobs or learning institutions.

Gender roles change every day, and women have gained significance in the job market. They have come out to be respected and valued as employees and receive equal compensation as Men. They also receive comparable growth and opportunities for self-development. In modern society, women's financial independence is not a surprising factor after all. Females have been known to work in all business areas. They have also been getting promoted to top positions in companies and organizations. That has contributed to the overall growth and progress of communities and the overall society and you can find this in gender roles in society essay.

Marriage types and essay on gender roles

Three significant family categories can be distinguished: the breadwinner, the egalitarian, and the middle. The breadwinner is the traditional gender marriage role. The marriage type aims to represent a household that involves a man working to provide sustenance to the family, and the wife remains back at home to fulfill her responsibilities. The wife takes a submissive role in this type of marriage, while the husband takes an aggressive and competitive position.

The egalitarian marriage type involves both the husband and wife getting employed and earning money to sustain the family. They share the responsibilities at home and participate in taking care of the child equally. It is a more liberal type of family, and it can be described as the equal partnership existing between two individuals who share their housework, earnings, and the time they spend with their children. Sometimes it gets difficult for a husband and wife to pay the same amount of attention to their jobs, more so after having their first child. When that happens, most couples go back to their traditional roles in marriage without realizing it. Therefore, the wife will become responsible for all the domestic work and receive very little help from the husband.

The middle type combines both the egalitarian and breadwinner style. The wife will work less than the husband in this type of marriage, which means the husband will have more time to look after their children or run the house.

The role of a man in family and marriage

The man is the breadwinner according to the traditional understanding. There has not been a significant change in the role of a man for the past century because women are still viewed as being responsible for the children and the house, and they're usually more engaged in the chores than men. Social changes have impacted how people perceive married and have made them change their preferences to rely on a more egalitarian relationship just after the 60s. The difference also shows that society understood the vitality of having equal opportunities for both genders and view women as employable people. That has also resulted in two women having double the work that they had to deal with. They now have to get home, feed the family, ensure the house is clean, and do some shopping.

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