All You Need To Know About The Structure Of An Essay

An essay is probably the simplest assignment you may ever have done so far in college. However, it has some guidelines and a structure that should be followed. In order to score high marks and a good grade for your writing, it is important for you to follow the stipulated academic format of delivering a high quality paper. Professionals know what makes a good writing and therefore, you would help yourself if you consider seeking their help. Typically, a good essay has the following sections as outlined below:-

Towards the end of the introduction, you will be required to write a clear statement that defines this subject. This is called a thesis statement. Use between 1 and 2 sentences to summarize your introduction and allow the reader to start pondering over what to expect in the paper.

More than just following this outline, your work should be written in the proper sentence and paragraph structure. Typically, avoid long sentences and at most keep your word count per sentence at a maximum of between 20-22 words. Sentences longer than that may make your work difficult to understand. Again, format your work based on the writing style requested for your assignment. It could either be in APA, Harvard, MLA or Oxford style among many other options.

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